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15 Responses to Contact

  1. Sujata Singh says:

    Loved your interview!!!!!!! And, loved your voice in singing. Felt that you were speaking for all those who can feel but have not figured out a way to express it.

    Thank you so much !!!!!

  2. Naresh Jain says:

    Great to hear you on DD Inernationl (Aaj Savere). The way you have inter-connected Science & Spritual Beliefs together is really very logical and acceptable to the minds who are superimposed by science facts.

    I would request you to pl. share your experience in detail about the relation between Neuron Structure in human body w.r.t. Maths & Music. So, the same can be explained to common people in logical way.

  3. janak vyas says:

    rev. suklaji,
    today morning(2nd june, 2011) i watch your interview on dd national,
    simply I am very impress & agree with your thoughts about music, science & spirituality.
    if every indian(me also) follow your idology than no one can stops india’s progress.
    divine & good wishes to you & your family.

    janak vyas

  4. celina zimmermann says:

    contributes to your music I can feel my atma and the love.. nice that it gives you.
    with lots of love,
    celina zimmermann / germany

  5. Rajan Sharma says:

    Shukla ji,
    was watching your interview in doordarshan (which i have never tuned for last 5-6 years) and completely agree with your view point. Your words were very spirutually enriched and gyanwardhak which is rare these days. keep doing the good work. looking forward to see you someday….


    I saw your programme & I was so impresed & respect your feeling,when i was watching your programme I got so peace of mind
    there is no words for you.

  7. B V Praveen Kumar says:

    Dear Dr Krishna

    I saw ur interview on DD, nice to c the views and so lucidly u connect Spirituality and Science.
    Impressed by the work u r doing , hope c more of u

    Warm Regards


  8. RAJIV says:

    I saw you first time i.e today on dd channel aaj savera episode and was inspired by you and your thought you are really great person for our india so long live sir.


  9. Agrima Bansal says:

    respected sir,
    I saw the telecast of DDnational Aaj Savere today..found your talk really motivating and much needed at today’s was very well said by you that science needs to be taught in a way thats not cold and all mechanical..i found the way you related the understanding of a physicist and sadhu very apt..and not to forget that the darwinism must be confined to evolutionary studies only, its not competition but cooperation that we need..
    thanking you for the inspiring talk you gave..
    with good luck wishes,

  10. padmanav patra says:

    watched today’s programme on doordarshan and got hooked. not only the song of kabir was mesmerizing, but also his views of life illustrated so simply with anecdotes from different parts of the world were to be noted. wish to meet him and listen him performing.
    best wishes.
    > padmanav patra; orissa

  11. Dr Gautam Naresh says:

    Dear Dr Shukla,
    I absorbed followed your DD Interview and was highly impressed. I also hold similar views but not qualified to prove in such a way our rich but camouflaged Indian heritage which has been wrongly portrayed by us and outsiders. But scholars like you would definitely clear the web and darkness. Though it may take some time till our religion would be properly understood. Best wishes,

  12. Sumit Tyagi says:

    Krishna Shukla Ji,
    Today 29th Sep-11, I watched your journey on DD India and want to say it was totally inspiring and absolutely deep-simple-logical (DSL) talk show. We do young people camps in the Great Himalayas and I share the same INFINITY conversation while star gazing in the night. Loved hearing you for the first time with my family and wanted to invite you to our Himalayan home- whenever you are traveling NORTH.
    You make a lot of sense Shukla Ji.. with Music- Maths and this magical Natural Village World.

    Sumit Tyagi – into Himalayan Villages Tourism.

  13. B. Sumangla says:

    Saw your interview a couple of months ago but missed your name. Was trying to trace you but could not. Saw the retelecast and found out your contact now. Most of what you said makes a lot of sense. However, certain issues need brain storming. Pl.,inform when ever you are in Delhi.I would really like to meet and discuss certain issues that bother me as a biologist but are closely related to the issues that you are concerned with.

  14. pradipta chaudhuri,ahmednagar says:

    hope you remember me. we had met a number of times at sri raghunath keskar sir’s house in ahmednagar,we also performed together in a concert organized by B.ed college,kedgaon ahmdnagar. i had always been an admirer of your vocal performances and watched you in dd national,Aaj savera too.ihad called you up after the telecast,if you remember. ihad mailed a recording of raag shyamkalyan,could you please go thru it and give your valuable comment? i will be highly privileged. hope that you will reply me. presently i am learning from Dr Vikas Kashalkar of pune. i will be thankful if you contact me. my phone no 09860401465.regards

  15. Priscilla Dunham says:

    Dear very talented Krishna:
    I saw your comment to my brother joe morales. I have been thinking of you so many times since I met you as a young artist in’91. I was very impressed with your insightful ideas Then and it appears that you’ve continued to grow over the years, though you you don’t appear to have aged any since then. I will look forward to looking at an listening to your various publications and videos.

    Affectionately, Prisca

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