Spain Seminar & Pilgrimage


Spain has been chosen in order to reach into the memory of the time when Islam, Judaism and Christianity lived side by side and created one of the most profound cultural and spiritual moments in European history.

Dates: October 2013, arriving Friday 25.  leaving Tuesday 29.

Theme: The Creativity between Man and God
Creativity is inherent in all beings. Man’s creative response towards God is present in all spiritual traditions. 
We hope a dialogue will ensue between the speakers and participants, making time and space to listen, reflect and focus on the creativity which has come about through the intimate dialogue between devotees and God.

Amongst others the speakers are:

  • Rabbi Larry Tabick: Judaic Mysticism
  • Valerie Quinlivan: Catholic Tradition
  • Ignacio Bejar: Sufism
Krishna Shukla: Hindu Tradition
  • Stephan Schuhmacher: Zen Buddhism
  • Renate Moritz: Meher Baba teachings

This seminar is an experiment in creativity and Spain has been chosen in order to reach into the memory of the time when Islam, Judaism and Christianity lived side by side.
A one day pilgrimage will take place to Cordoba to visit the Jewish Quarter and the Mezquita, where mosque and Christian church intertwine.

A pilgrimage journey is planned on the last day, to visit the Mezquita in Cordoba, where mosque and the Christian church intertwine, followed by the only synagoge from 400 years ago, and finally Granada’s Alhambra, to experience the beauty of this ancient and unique building in Europe.


Hotel Molino de Santillan, in the hills, close to Malaga and Malaga airport.

Costs for Pilgrimage/Seminar IS £285.00:
This is to include accommodation for 4 nights B & B plus dinner Friday evening and lunch and dinner Saturday and Sunday.

  • The Pilgrimage day on Monday includes a packed lunch but not the evening meal.
  • Transport costs are included in the price for the Pilgrimage Day.
  • £140.00 deposit by cheque or Pay-Pal required to reserve a place and the rest to be paid by 28th September, please.
  • There will be transport arranged from and to the hotel from the airport but this will be dependent on your time of arrival.
  • Car hire at airport can be arranged privately and info on public transport will be
  • included on information sheet available, when you have registered.

Please book early as places are limited.
For more information, questions or to receive a registration form with details for booking and payment please contact us –
Jane Hoskin: Tel-01453 767630
Jan Baker Tel-01727 868368
For the US please contact Marnie Frank cell 503-887-5924

Day Visitors

There is space for a limited number of day visitors.
Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to come.
There will be a charge of 30 Euros a day. This will include coffee and lunch but not dinner. If you wish to stay for the evening meal, the cost is 16.50 euros for 3 courses. 
If you would like to join us for the pilgrimage to Cordoba and Granada on Monday we may have to ask you to make your own travel arrangements as the coach has a capacity for 55 people and so will depend on how many people signup for the whole residential stay-if there are spare places we will let you know nearer the time.

To register visit the Online Registration Form


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One Response to Spain Seminar & Pilgrimage

  1. Christians have had spiritual pilgrimages almost from the beginning, going to where Christ was born and where He died, where He may have spoken and walked, where His family lived, where the apostles spoke, where they died, where other key leaders bore their witness and where their work ceased due to martyrdom. The Roman Catholic tradition especially held to the importance of pilgrimage, with sacred sites popping up all over Europe and the Middle East. A lot of this was founded on bogus relics, phony sightings of Mary, fictional histories, and bogus saints that were thinly-disguised pagan gods/goddesses. It was often done with touristy public relations trappings, and (of course) obligations to give money to the Church. But the Catholic tradition also understood the value of true pilgrimage, and encouraged it at every turn. Today, people are seeking the spiritual connection that they sense is lacking in their lives. Many of them are turning to pilgrimages to help them make that connection. Many Catholics make pilgrimage to Medjugorje (in Croatia). Israel and the West Bank abound in sites of the Bible’s events, including Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, and the Sea of Galilee — so many sites that to Jews, Christians and to some extent Muslims, it is called ‘the Holy Land’. Muslims do their key pilgrimage to Mecca, the hajj, at least once in their lives. Which heaps all the more judgement on us when we think of how eager we are to murder and wage war, and live lives designed around hatred and fear in this land we call ‘holy’.

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