Kashi: His first love

Dr.Krishnakant Shukla

Dr.Krishnakant Shukla

TIMES NEWS NETWORK: Dr Shukla, who was the first to predict the behaviour of electrons in metallic and non-metallic crystals in simple form, underwent a behaviourial change when he combined the poetry of self-realized saints of India with music. The rhythm of instruments like western classical guitar, harmonium and sitar combined with his voice singing the qualities of the quality-less (nirgun) creates magic. People started getting attracted to me. When you are living your dream, you tend to draw people towards you unconsciously.

As the saying goes ‘Follow your bliss and rest will follow you’ and so here I am singing mainly the Nirgun bhajans by Kabir and Namdev as also Saggun bhajans by Tyagraj and’ Tukaram. Their philosophy towards life is not only beautiful and true, but also scientifIc, he commented. His performances at various cities in India have brought him acco’ lades. His most memorable performance, however, was at London Mela when he was a distinguished guest of the Mayor of London. I start my evening with – Ganesh stuti and then move on to bhajans by various saints who belonged to different sections of society. This is my contribution to national integration, he says.

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  1. Vinayak says:

    I am amazed with spritiual & scientific attitude. Human beings need to learn in today materialstic life.

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